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The Lovette Dress is the ideal city maxi dress with flattering sleeves that cut just above the elbow and deep hip pockets for small belongings. The Lovette dress comes in the Anita Print. Anita Pallenberg is best known as the unofficial sixth Rolling Stone, she influenced the style and music of the Rolling Stones.

Olivia was inspired to create this print after reading an article written by close friend Marianne Faithful: ‘morning, when I wake up, I read a poem that makes me think about her, Sara Teasdale’s There Will Be Stars. It speaks to me so much about her [reads]: “There will be stars over the place forever, though the house we loved and the street we loved are lost… there will be stars forever, while we sleep.”

The Anita print embodies rock legends, friendship and stars that will always shine.

100% Heavy Crepe De Chine

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